Agitprop cum variety show. In the style of the classic USO concerts, U.S.O.ver is a performance series that satirically indicts our current reality with a gaudy, star-spangled carnival of excessive zeal, fear, and nationalism worthy of the new regime.


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Next up U.S.O.ver returns as part of the This is Not Normal: An Arts and Activism Festival at The Brick this June.

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Featuring performances by Kim Gainer / Miss Minty Newport, Hotsy Totsy, Fein and Dandee, Cristina Pitter, Zach TrebinoMeta Phys-Ed. and more!


U.S.O.ver seeks to create events that serve as safe/fun community spaces for healthy and artful protest. We held our inaugural event on January 19th, the advent of the presidential coronation, as one last opportunity to come together before the world changed. We held another to mark the passing of this very unique Presidents’ Day, and another as part of the Irondale’s month-long festival NOT NORMAL: Art in Resistance. We will continue to gather and laugh and organize.

U.S.O.ver has included performances by Samantha Corbin, Viva DeConcini, Dirty Martini, Hotsy TotsyHwarg, Amy Jo JacksonJoseph Keckler, Julie Atlas Muz, James Scruggs, James Tigger! Ferguson, Chris Tyler, Bi TYRANT, and many more!

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“U.S.A. is the slice of continent. U.S.A. is …a public-library full of old newspapers and dogeared historybooks with protests scrawled on the margins in pencil.” -John Dos Passos, The 42nd Parallel